The original Pennyroyal penny.  Made in 2005.

In December 2005, while working in the marketing department at         Sony Music, Tim Foster created a handmade necklace for his girlfriend out of a hammered 1979 penny (his birth year).  The simple, uniquely textured keepsake was the catalyst for a major career change.  For the next year, Tim studied sculpture and sterling silver jewelry design and left the relative security of his record company career to become a full time designer.  Pennyroyal was founded in February 2006 with a small collection of 7 hand-crafted sterling silver designs inspired by some of Tim's favorite songs and lyrics.

Over the next decade, Tim released over a dozen capsule collections inspired by a wide variety of his personal interests including music, miniature sculpture, animals, nature, travel, outdoor adventure, the ocean, space, and the Fibonacci sequence.
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In addition to regular capsule collection releases, Tim's passion for music and philanthropy gave rise to an ongoing series of design collaborations with a growing list of artists.   Charitable contributions from these releases have raised over $350,000 to date, for causes such as MusiCares, Trevor Project, Donors Choose, Jewel's Project Clean Water, The Cesar Millan Foundation, Autism Speaks... and many more.  

In 2016, Tim launched a product design company called waxoffdesign, where he creates premium quality custom collectibles for a unique wholesale client base.  Visit to learn more.